Consultant is architect on doctors' and nurses' accomodation in Cambridge featuring photovoltaic cells and green and brown roofs

Property and construction consultant McBains Cooper has received planning permission on a £20m project for Sanctuary Housing Association to provide key worker accommodation for doctors and nurses at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

The firm is architect on the scheme, to be built on a site now occupied by a car park.

Addenbrookes hospital

The scheme, which comprises 100 apartments and 372 bed spaces, is set to feature a heating system using air-based heat exchange, photovoltaic cells and green and brown roofs.

The development features four individual six-storey, brick-clad buildings, featuring timber-clad pods and a zinc-clad ground floor.

The top three floors of the buildings will be built with a step effect, each floor featuring a green roof.

Zaki Ghiacy, director at the firm, said: "We wanted to use a mixture of softer, more 'domestic' materials to reflect the building's use whilst responding to the contemporary look and feel of the main building."

The south-facing aspect of the buildings will feature solar shading.