The scheme will avoid 'eco-bling' but include high-grade insulation and a 'heat sink' lake

MCM Architecture, Southwark, have designed this masterplan for a 1.4m sq ft sustainable business park in Moscow for developer, ST Group.

Architect Ken Giannini, project director at the firm, described the development as “one of the first green developments” in the Russian capital.The buildings have been designed around a lake which is to be constructred as a heat sink to maintain the temperature of the buildings as well as a landscape element.

Giannini said he was keen to incorporate as many practical elements as possible within reason: “We do not want to resort to eco-bling,” he said. “Wind turbines and PVs are out, but super-insulated facades and green roofs, good building orientation and balancing solid versus glazed are in.”

MCM will bury car parking beneath the sloping site and aims to tuck the buildings into an exposed natural habitat. The firm is looking at CHP and a shuttle service. Construction is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year subject to planning approval and will take around two years.