EST report says that technologies such as mini-wind turbines and solar panels could help reduce CO2 by 15% a year.

Mini-wind turbines, solar panels and other small-scale technologies could supply up to 40% of the UK’s energy needs by 2050 says a new report.

The Energy Saving Trust found that between 30-40% of the UK’s total electricity needs could be supplied using microgeneration technologies.

In its report Potential for Microgeneration, Study and Analysis, it also found that microgeneration could help reduce CO2 emissions by 15% per year.

The report was commissioned by the DTI, which is publishing details of its Low Carbon Building Programme and microgeneration strategy in spring 2006.

"This report makes an important contribution to the debate on microgeneration."

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks said: “This report makes an important contribution to the debate on microgeneration.”

“I would like more micro wind turbines, solar panels and other technologies on schools, homes and businesses as they can make a real difference in reducing the UK's carbon emissions, as well as helping people to understand better where our energy comes from and increase their energy efficiency.”