Scottish Government consultation paper reveals risks posed by domestic renewable technologies such as wind and solar

Local wildlife such as bats and birds may be endangered as a result of domestic microgeneration equipment, a consultation paper out by the Scottish Government’s Directorate For The Built Environment claims.

The paper outlines the likely environmental effects of proposed permitted development rights, and concludes that there are five potential effects that may happen as a result of using microrenewable technologies. These are:

  • Potential biodiversity effects of micro-wind turbines: specifically in relation to bats and birds, including where domestic properties are within or close to protected sites.
  • Solar installations having visual effects and potential impacts on bats, depending on their installation and siting.
  • Effects of ground and water source heat pumps on ground and surface water bodies and on archaeological resources.
  • Effects from micro-wind turbines in terms of visual amenity, noise and vibration. The paper proposes further monitoring and evaluation of this
  • Possible air quality issues from biomass in domestic properties, although these are not expected to be significant