Firm signs 15-year deal with Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Mitie has signed a 15-year deal to provide low carbon energy for the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust as part of a wider initiative to reduce the hospital’s carbon emissions by 25%.

The company has developed an energy centre that will provide power for the hospital independent of the national grid.

The facility, which is based on jet fighter technology, will service all the heating and hot water needs of the hospital, which treats 700,000 patients a year.

It is estimated to reduce carbon emissions in its first year in its first year by 16% and £13.7m in fuel bills over the course of the contract.

This will reduce the hospital’s external energy dependence and increase its efficiency - cutting emissions and saving money.

Mitie will maintain the facility and is also working with the hospital to reduce its overall CO2 emissions by 25%.

In addition, Mitie is helping the trust with other energy-saving initiatives and projects which will cut the overall CO2.

Ruby McGregor Smith, Mitie’s chief executive, said: “This landmark agreement provides Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust with first-class energy facilities, reduced carbon emissions and substantial ongoing cost savings.

“At a time when public services are faced with increasing budgetary pressures, this kind of mutually beneficial model enables hospitals to simultaneously free up resources for patient care and meet increasingly strict environmental regulations.”


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