Ceske Budejovice council says city's current infrastructure will not sustain growing population

Mott MacDonald has been appointed to create a transport development policy for a city in the Czech Republic.

Ceske Budejovice council has asked the consultant to deliver a strategy for all modes of transport across the city, as it says its current system will not sustain its growing population.

Mott plans to survey existing road traffic levels to assess noise, safety and pollution and then use this data to develop a new transportation model and provide guidance on investment priorities for new infrastructure.

Ondrej Kokes, Mott's project director, said: “We are delighted to bring our world-class experience and local knowledge to help Ceske Budejovice council to develop integrated transport plans that will sustain the growth of the city and surrounding districts for decades to come.

“The range and multi-modality of this transportation plan is not very common in the Czech environment so this is a very exciting commission.”