Multiplex has won the right to go ahead with an adjudication against concrete firm PC Harrington, which could lead to a £2m payout

Multiplex has won another Wembley stadium legal spat, this time against concrete firm PC Harrington over a £45m contract.

The two firms are in a financial dispute over the final valuation of the contract. PC Harrington claims it is owed £13.4m.

In court last week PC Harrington lost its attempt to stop an adjudication over defective flooring at the stadium.

Multiplex claimed PC Harrington owes it £2m for this part of the contract because the work had to be carried out by another contractor.

PC Harrington argued that under the contract Multiplex was not entitled to ask an adjudicator to award a net sum. Mr Justice Clarke ruled that was not the case.

Now Multiplex will be able to go ahead with the adjudication, which could result in PC Harrington having to hand over £2m to the Australian company.