Commercial wallcoverings specialist Muraspec has added a new product to its portfolio of interior decorative surfaces.

Lumicor decorative panels are made from translucent resin, encapsulating a range of materials such as natural foliage, metals, textiles, paper, wood veneers, organic materials and glass. They can be supplied in either highly translucent acrylic or PETG resin.

There is a choice of three material types: Lumiclear, an acrylic construction free of colour cast; Lumiguard, also made from acrylic and specified for its durability and chemical resistance; and Lumiform, with enhanced fire rating, manufactured from PETG resin, which makes it suitable for forming into shapes.

This versatile material can be applied as flat sheets, moulded to fit applications, or included in the manufacturing of original equipment. It can be cut, formed and framed for use in a variety of horizontal or vertical applications, including cabinet/door inserts, room dividers, column coverings, lighting, furniture, displays and showers.