Affordable TM' design incorporates solar panels, wood-burning stove and recycles sewage

Scottish architect Affordable TM has designed a residential house using wool and straw.

The minimalist house was built for Michael and Maris Start who bought a plot of land in the Findhorn Foundation eco-community.

The house, built on a site in the Scottish Moray Coast, boasts plenty of green credentials including two solar panels on the roof that provide hot water and a wood-burning stove in the kitchen.

Electricity comes via the community’s own turbines, and all sewage is recycled.

Findhorn’s waste water is processed in a large greenhouse full of tanks containing plants and fish to purify it for use in the village gardens.

The oxidised lime finish applied to the timber-frame construction creates an unusual orange shade on the exterior that changes with the weather.

Architect Greig Munro said lime was chosen as it has been used in old buildings in the region for hundreds of years.

The Cost:

Land: £35k
Building cost: £177k
Architect: £16k
Total cost: £228k