The National Construction College (NCC) has failed to secure funding for necessary renewal work despite last-ditch talks with west Norfolk council.

Earlier this month, the council refused planning permission for housing on NCC land. The college had hoped to use proceeds from housing development to pay for the refurbishment of the centre.

NCC officials had been hopeful that another source of local funding could be found, but this has failed to materialise.

Andy Walder, the NCC’s acting director, said: “Despite words of support from local and regional stakeholders, there’s been no firm action or external funding packages forthcoming to address the shortfall in funding that we face.”

The college is now considering scaling down operations at its Bircham Newton site and carrying out more site-based training. The board of ConstructionSkills, which runs the centre, is due to debate the future of the NCC next month.

Walder this week made a final appeal to local stakeholders for financial help for the college.