'Ask Barbour' offers expert written answers to specialist professionals – and Building readers get one question free

A new health and safety advice service has been launched by subscription-based online information service Barbour Environment, Health & Safety.

The new Ask Barbour service offers expert advice on a wide range of topics to specialist professionals in areas such as health and safety, the environment, chemicals and fire.

Ask Barbour logo
Ask Barbour logo

It provides customers with answers to complex health and safety questions that cannot be obtained from other routes, and Building readers each qualify to ask one question free (see below).

Director Ian Hancocks said: “Ask Barbour is unique in providing a practical written answer to your question, which is backed up by supporting references to original legislation and guidance where appropriate.”

Barbour Health & Safety provides comprehensive intelligence and tools including best practice, guidance and legal information to public and private sector bodies and professionals across a range of industries.

To find out more about Ask Barbour, click Ask Barbour.