Costing in use document will cover facilities management and operations of buildings

A new standard for measuring life cycle costs for buildings after they have been completed is to be launched next year.

The lifecycle costing in use document will be a follow up to a standard established in the summer for costing during construction.

The author of the standard, Faithful + Gould head of whole life value consultancy Andy Green, said such a standard was particularly vital for the PFI industry.

“There is a massive amount of FM work needed to be done as part of these PFI contracts. The big consortia are sitting on 30-years schemes that are worth billions of pounds and they are all crying out for standards.”

Green said there was also a need for the principles of lifecycle costs to spread beyond PFI, particularly if they are tied to sustainability targets and costs. “Up to now it’s been used by a small clique of PFI contractors. We need to spread the word – to pass it on like Jamie Oliver has been doing with health food recipes.”