South London consolidation centre slashes site delivery by two thirds and emissions by three quarters

A new logistics facility in South London has achieved major efficiencies in delivering materials to construction sites.

The London Construction Consolidation Centre in Bermondsey has cut local journeys by 68%, reduced journey times by two hours, and achieved 97% successful deliveries and CO2 emissions of the vehicles used as a result by 76%.

The figures were released yesterday at a launch event for the centre in front of an industry audience.

The centre is a two-year pilot scheme that was started in 2005 by joint partners Wilson James, Bovis Lend Lease, Transport for London and Stanhope.

The London Construction Consolidation Centre in South London slashes site delivery by two thirds and emissions by three quarters.

Instead of materials being delivered straight to sites they are sent to the logistics centre, which organises the materials and sends them out to the four central London projects being used in the scheme. These include the completed refurbishment of the Unilever House in Blackfriars, Bow Bells House, One Coleman Street and 35 Basinghall Street.

Adrian Boughtflower from Transport for London said the authority was in the process of working out the carbon footprint of the whole operation to see how much CO2 the operation saved compared to traditional delivery of materials.

Bovis Lend Lease project director Paul Simms said the use of the centre had been a success and called for other clients and contractors in the industry to embrace the idea.

“We shouldn't let this slip by the wayside. We should work together to take it to the next step, to get onboard and be part of this change process,” he said.