One Planet Products offers members a quick and easy way to find reliable green suppliers and eco-products

One Planet Products has launched a new service to help construction professionals specify sustainable products and services quickly and easily without the need to carry out often expensive and time consuming research.

Mark Watson

The not-for-profit social business will formally unveil the service at the House of Commons on Monday 23 June, but until then they are offering free membership to construction professionals.

The firm identifies potential suppliers of environmentally sustainable products and then undertakes an assessment of the products in relation to the One Planet Living principles.

Should the results be satisfactory the products are listed on the website along with the code credits available and detailed environmental information, including CO2 and Water saved.

Mark Watson, executive director, said his firm’s job is to “filter out the green wash from the genuine”.

He said: “This saves time and money for our members and makes it easier for them to specify sustainable materials.

One of our members spent four weeks searching for the best low flush toilets, something we sourced in less than an hour. Others have been pleasantly surprised to find products such as FSC timber framed triple glazed windows competitively priced against standard uPVC windows.”

The site also includes a cost comparison section, with information on expected lifetime and pay back periods.

Suppliers are also assessed on how they operate, again in relation to the One Planet Living principles, providing a supplier score.

In order to ensure the integrity of the information suppliers are not charged to be listed, however they are asked to provide a discount to members who purchase via the One Planet Products website

The Free package includes:

Access to members’ area of the One Planet Products website
Detailed product information
Discounts when purchasing products
One Planet Products research reports
Membership meeting
Meet the suppliers event
Discounted BioRegional CPD training day
BedZED tour
House of Commons reception