Government-led Green Compass initiative aims to promote responsible waste management

Environment, sustainability and housing minister Jane Davidson and Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) have launched a new scheme to manage construction waste in Wales. The Green Compass initiative will set a standard to ensure the responsible disposal of construction and demolition waste.

The standard has been introduced in response to the concerns of construction contractors. All businesses, under the Duty of Care Regulations, must ensure that any waste produced is handled safely and responsibly.

However, in 2005, more than one-third of the 8 million tonnes of waste that went to licensed waste sites in Wales was construction and demolition waste. Over half of this amount went to landfill, where space is limited.

The initiative will be directed by a steering group including the Welsh Assembly, the Environment Agency, Swansea Metropolitan University and industry associations. The development process will include a public consultation and concludes in July 2009.

Davidson said: “The construction industry has been on board every step of the way to develop this programme and suggest ways of improving the current situation. I believe it will make a big impact on diverting significant quantities of waste from landfill and also help minimise our carbon footprint.”