Mosedale Gillatt Architects wins bid as part of Northumberland regeneration works

Mosedale Gillatt Architects (MGA) has won the bid to create a new Maritime Centre for Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland as part of the regeneration of the region.

The new centre will house two major pieces of Newbiggin’s maritime history -- the restored Mary Joicey Lifeboat and a local coble fishing boat the Girl Ann. It will also feature corporate and educational facilities, and a public café and restaurant.

Tim Mosedale, MGA director, said: “The materials used will be carefully considered to respond to often challenging coastal conditions.

“As the centre is being planned to accommodate best practice with respect to renewable energy, we will be exploring the use of solar panels and biomass boilers, amongst other environmentally sound energy sources.”

He said the design will also take into account the nearby Grade 1 listed church.

The new centre will be a prominent landmark in the town and highly visible from the busy sea front.

Designed to help boost the town’s tourist trade, it joins recent key developments including the installation of the permanent 12.5m high public sculpture Couple by Sean Henry offshore the Northumberland coast.

Richard Martin, chair of Newbiggin's Heritage Partnership, said: “The establishment of this new centre will not only showcase Newbiggin’s rich history, but also give a unique day out experience at the seaside which will compliment the major bay regeneration works.”