Classic Excel Firm run by David Jones employed 35 staff

A dry lining firm run by the president of the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) has been placed in administration.

David Jones had worked for the firm, Classic Excel, for 23 years.

The business also specialised in suspended ceilings and was based in Northumberland, employing around 35 staff.

The National Specialist Contractors Council, which campaigns for fair payment in the supply chain, said of the news: “It is extremely sad to see an established business such as Classic Excel go into administration last week and is a sign of just how deep this current recession is.

“The effect on all businesses, particularly family run businesses is devastating and we can only hope that the industry can work collaboratively and collectively in its response to the current economic climate.

“Dave Jones is the current NSCC President and the implications of this news will be considered by the NSCC management committee in due course.”