Arena's unveiling may not happen for several months, according to newspaper's sources. Plus, the weekend's other main stories.

The will they/won't they Wembley saga rumbled on this weekend when The Observer claimed the opening could be "delayed indefinitely". The paper said the arena's unveiling, due on 13 May, may not happen for several months. The Football Association is drawing up plans to deal with "the nightmare scenario", the paper said, which would be Multiplex going bankrupt and no contractor to finish the stadium. Officials are preparing to announce next month that the stadium will not be ready in time to host the final, it said.

The proposed £1 bn sale of the British Nuclear Power Group, the clean-up arm of British Nuclear Fuels, has been put on hold because of a rift at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, The Sunday Times reports. NDA chairman Sir Anthony Cleaver, whose organisation is in charge of Britain's nuclear legacy, opposes a quick sale of BNG in the belief that its value will rise if it wins some of Britain's nuclear decommissioning contracts. Chief executive Ian Roxburgh disagrees and claims BNG will have a better chance of winning if it is part of a larger group. The first of £56 bn worth of contracts may be awarded this year.

Financial news:

The Financial Times on Saturday said that energy, engineering and construction company Halliburton announced that it was ready to spin off KBR, the US's biggest private contractor in Iraq, onto the stock exchange. The FT said that Halliburton was also considering the sale of pieces of KBR.