Water Polo Arena finished one month ahead inaugural event

Olympic Delivery Authority chief executive Dennis Hone has declared its major venue work finished now that Olympic Park’s temporary Water Polo Arena is finished and ready for the London Organising Committee.

“Completing the construction of the Water Polo Arena marks the end of the Olympic Delivery Authority’s major venue work on the Olympic Park,” he said.

“That we’ve been able to do it using the combined expertise of companies from across the UK shows how British businesses can rise to the challenge of meeting the ultimate deadline - and exceed expectations.

“The unique sloping roof design makes it instantly recognisable and, as with all our venues, huge efforts have gone into both sustainability and ensuring we don’t build venues that have no use after the Games.”

The 5,000 seat Water Polo Arena was built in just 13 months. ES Group, responsible for the main structure, was based on the Olympic Park site before being relocated to nearby Silvertown.

The wedge-shaped arena boasts a silver-coloured wrap and an inflatable roof, made from recyclable plastic and is capable of holding almost 3 million litres of water in the warm-up and competition pools. Its facilities will be put through their paces for the first time at the Visa Water Polo International even in early May.

After the games, the venue will be taken down, with elements reused elsewhere in the UK, including incorporating materials available through the rental market to promote reuse and reduce construction waste.

The arena was designed by a team led by David Morley Architects, and including Buro Happold and Max Fordham.

Jackson Civil Engineering Group undertook the substructure works, Alto Seating Systems constructed the seating A&T/ Barr & Wray installed the temporary pools, Byrne Group undertook general building work, and Balfour Beatty Engineering Services did the mechanical and electrical work.