The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has published a strategy to emphasise to the industry that good design is at the heart of plans for the 2012 Games and their legacy.

The ODA says the document outlines how design will be incorporated into every aspect of planning and delivery.

The ODA plans to:

  • Establish a value matrix to ensure good design is defined and measured against six core value measurements
  • Establish clear design briefs, design selection panels or juries and reviews throughout every project
  • Involve organisations and emerging talent to ensure a range of designers are used
  • Ensure the local community is involved.

Olympic design opportunities over the next five years include temporary venues for the basketball and fencing, hockey, paralympic tennis and archery. There will be a design competition for the Park Bridge within the Olympic Park and Olympic framework panels for smaller commissions so less well-established practices can get involved.

Ricky Burdett, the ODA’s chief adviser on architecture and urbanism, said he had just seen the models for the velodrome. He said: “You realise it could be like an Albert Hall, with a City behind and a park in front.”