Turnover at civil engineering and groundworks specialist O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) has dropped 26% from £32.3m to £23.8m as a result of the fall in the office market in the West End and City of London

In the year to 31 May 2009, pre-tax profit at the company fell 30% from £1.5m to £1.1m.

A company statement said it plans to tap new markets to boost future turnover. “We continue to see an increase in our market share in the Building Schools for the Future programme and intend to pursue this as a key part of our business development strategy.”

The salary of the highest paid director rose 10% from £202,979 to £223,836.

At the end of the year, the company had 159 staff. The average salary was £47,226, compared with £52,000 in 2008.