ODA works with charity CHAT to rescue cats and kittens from Olympic Park site

The Olympic Delivery Authority has helped animal charities rescue more than 160 wild and feral cats from the Olympic site.

During demolition of the 200 buildings on the 2.5km2 site, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT) has rescued and taken into care 168 cats and kittens.

With the assistance of the ODA, the Trust has accessed the Olympic Park on over 54 occasions.

The ODA says that each building is checked thoroughly for wildlife before it is demolished.

David Higgins, ODA chief executive, said: “Although the Olympic Park is a live construction site, we have been working closely with CHAT to arrange safe access and have ensured that 168 cats and kittens have been successfully captured.”

The ODA will continue to work with CHAT until the demolition completes in March.