Owner of Sutton’s Wharf North claims Tamdown Regeneration was overpaid for groundworks

The owner of a large mixed development in Tower Hamlets is headed for a High Court showdown with a groundworks contractor. Team, which own Sutton’s Wharf North, say it has overpaid contractor Tamdown Regeneration.

Tamdown entered into a contract for ground remediation work at the property in 2006. Despite a fixed lump-sum price being agreed, there was an exchange of emails in March 2007 between construction manager Gardiner & Theobald and Tamdown over a proposed remeasurement of the contract.

In June 2008, Malcolm Harris ruled that Tamdown had been overpaid and should repay Team £165,339.50 but the company has so far only repaid £47,514. Team is asking the court to turn the adjudicator’s award into a court order, and to enforce payment of the money and interest.