Key victory for Building's 99% Campaign as committee looks at how CO2 can be cut from existing housing stock

Parliament is set to undertake a landmark inquiry into improving the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock.

Echoing Building’s 99% Campaign, which calls for the greening of old stock that makes up 99% of our built environment, the MPs will look at how to increase the efficiency of existing homes and how successful current attempts have been.

The Communities and Local Government select committee will consider:

• Government efforts to reduce carbon emissions from existing housing stock whether in private or public ownership and other related programmes including Decent Homes

• The costs associated with reducing carbon emissions from existing housing, who should meet those costs and particularly, in respect of low-income households, interaction between carbon emission reductions and the Government's ambitions to reduce poverty

• The significance of existing housing compared to new build and the different levels of performance each display

• Energy performance certificates

• The technologies available to reduce emissions and the Government’s role in facilitating relevant further technological development

• The specific challenges which may arise in relation to housing of special architectural or historical interest

Building launched its 99% Campaign one year ago, calling on the government to provide incentives for owners to improve the energy performance of their buildings. It also demanded that it provide clear guidance on the energy certification of existing buildings.

The campaign has the support of all the major industry bodies, as well as key individuals including Sir Neville Simms and Peter Rogers

Submissions for the Communities select committee should be in by 26 September.

More information can be found at: Inquiry into Housing Stock and Climate Change