Private school provider Varkey Group says India is its main target market over next few years

GEMS Education, the international private schools provider, is planning to build 100 schools into India, it has emerged.

The Varkey Group, which operates the GEMS education network, said the plans were part of a ambitious strategy to provide “quality education on a global scale” to five million students across the world by 2024.

It said India was its main target market. Sunny Varkey, chairman of the Varkey Group, said: “India is one of the key destinations, where we already lead several educational initiatives including 17 schools in major cities.

“We plan to own or manage over 100 schools in India over the next few years.”

GEMS provides high quality schooling for more than 100,000 students from 125 countries across three continents.

It employs over 9,000 education professionals, specialists and staff from around the world