Artists will be invited to create art installation from pieces of tunnelling equipment at the entrance to Stratford station

A £100,000 Olympic art installation is to be made from pieces of the 'Big Bertha' drill used to dig the rail link route from King's Cross to Stratford.

According to planning documents, artists will be invited to create a sculpture or a seating area from pieces of the tunnelling equipment.

Stratford station
Credit: Alamy

It is anticipated it will be a striking work of art to welcome Olympics visitors to "Station Plaza," the public space at the outside of Stratford station. It will also act as an anti-terrorist barrier to prevent cars driving into Station Plaza.

Pieces of the drill have been specially set aside for the installation, which has been given a budget of £100,000 by Westfield. The section 106 agreement for Stratford City allows a £2m budget for public art in the area.

The document says: "Westfield and Newham Borough Council wish to celebrate the machinery's function and form by inviting artists to either create seating or a sculpture with the pieces. The sculpture will be educational, and plaques describing the form and the function of the machinery will be displayed nearby."

The installation is expected to be completed in 2011, ready for the opening of the Stratford City rail link.