German utility company E.ON suggests building stations on sites in north Kent

Two sites in Kent have been named as possible sites for nuclear power stations by German utility company, E.ON.

The company has announced plans to use its existing oil-fired power station and coal-fired plant on the Isle of Grain and Medway respectively to build the stations.

The company has said it would prefer to use existing nuclear sites owned by British Energy or the governement because it would be easier to get the schemes through the planning process.

However, E.ON is considering using its own sites on the Isle of Grain and Kingsnorth as fallback options.

E.ON also has plans to build a gas-fired combined heat and power plant at the Isle of Grain and a "clean" coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth near Hoo. However, land clearance on the Sheerness has only just begun and the plant at Kingsnorth, which has provoked a public outcry, has yet to receive planning permission.

Out of both the sites, the one at the Isle of Grain is considered the most likely to secure an application for a nuclear power station because of its position close to the coast and its distance from large population centres.

The government has set a deadline of this autumn for applications to build nuclear plants.