EDF wins court order to remove and ban protesters from the construction site for Hinkley Point C

Energy company EDF has successfully obtained a High Court order to evict protesters from its site in Hinkley, Somerset, where it is set to build a new nuclear power plant.

EDF Energy applied for the eviction notice after protesters took possession of a derelict farm on the site intended for Hinkley Point C.

Protesters are angry that ground work at the site, being undertaken by a joint venture between contractors Kier and BAM, will start before the energy company has been given full permission to build the power plant.

The French electricity firm was also granted an injunction against the individuals that are currently living at the site from returning.

An EDF spokesperson said: “EDF Energy is pleased with the decision of the court to grant both the possession order and injunction order in relation to the people currently camping on ground at the proposed Hinkley C construction site.”

However, it was unsuccessful in getting a blanket injunction against all groups opposed to the plans including local protest organisation Stop Hinkley.

Theo Simon, a protester at the site, described the decision as a “moral victory” and said he wanted the protesters to be able to move off the site in an orderly fashion.