Redrow Homes has warned councils that it will only increase output of its Debut homes – affordable houses aimed at first-time-buyers – if they do not insist that they be used for social housing.

Redrow chief executive Paul Pedley said it was negotiating with a number of councils in the South-east over rewriting planning consents for homes in its Debut range.

He said Redrow would only agree to build more Debut units if none of the extra dwellings were earmarked for affordable rent.

Most councils operate planning policies that require that a proportion of all larger developments must be social rented. He said Redrow was discussing schemes at Thatcham in Wiltshire and Sittingbourne in Kent.

Redrow announced last week that Stuart Rowlands, Redrow Southern’s newly appointed managing director, would roll out the Debut concept in the South-east.

Pedley said: “That’s where the affordability is most stretched. It’s where we are very committed to expanding.”

So far Debut schemes have been put up in Rugby in Warwickshire, and Chorley in Cheshire.

The British Urban Regeneration Association last week published research concluding that there are still barriers to using modern methods of construction, such as those used in the steel-framed Debut system.

The report says: “Costs need to be reduced in order for MMC to provide a serious alternative to traditional methods. In addition, further research needs to be completed in connection with the long-term maintenance costs.”