New government research claims that 10% of UK’s electricity can come from CHP generation by the end of 2010

A new report released by the Government claims CHP can play a significant part in providing energy in the future.

The research, issued by DEFRA late last week, on the potential of CHP predicts that over 10% of the UK’s electricity will come from CHP generation by the end of 2010. It adds that the economic potential exists to provide 17% of our total energy requirement from CHP.

The report says the most significant barriers to the installation of CHP in the UK “are a product of market conditions, mainly unfavourable electricity and gas prices and uncertainty over future market conditions and the continuity of Government fiscal benefits.

“Sources of significant uncertainty arise from the EU Emissions Trading Schemes and what will happen post 2012 and also from the longevity of industrial heat demands at particular sites,” the report adds.