Membership replaces Graduate class to include a wider section of newly qualified architects

The RIBA has launched a new category to replace the current Graduate class in order to widen access for newly qualified architects.

Unlike the existing class, Associate Member applicants do not need to be working towards Part III which is necessary for chartered architect status.

The new category will include
• Non-recent Part I and Part II qualified graduates with relevant practical experience.
• Those with EU qualifications (minimum five years of academic study as stipulated in the EU Directive).
• Those individuals who have decided post Part II that they wish to work in another architecturally related field, such as surveying or engineering.

Members will have a number of specifically tailored RIBA support services to help their career development, moving them towards RIBA chartered membership.

Richard Brindley, executive director of RIBA Professional Services

Richard Brindley, executive director of RIBA Professional Services, said: "The new Associate Member class is a great opportunity to enable all members who have an interest and qualification in architecture to engage with the profession and enjoy the benefits of RIBA membership.

"The structure of the new class better reflects the progress and development throughout a practitioner’s career, by guiding those seeking to become Chartered Architects through the process of completing Part III, eventually leading them to Chartered Membership."

Existing Graduate class members will automatically be moved to the new category.