CIC chief executive says organisation may leave to save money, as surveyors’ infighting continues

The RICS is considering leaving the Construction Industry Council, which would make it the first professional institution to leave the body in its 20-year history.

Discussions about leaving the CIC are understood to have been going on for some time, attracting heavy criticism from other parts of the industry. One source said: “It’s a great shame. The CIC was set up to provide a single voice for the industry and we should be supporting, not undermining, it.”

Graham Watts, chief executive, of the CIC, said the RICS, a founder member, had written to the body in August to say it was thinking of leaving several international and national bodies to save money. It is still considering whether it will remain a member in the new year. Watts added that the CIC had reduced its subscription fee by 25% owing to the recession.

The news comes amid continuing upheaval at the surveyors body. The RICS’ top ranks have become embroiled in a row about regional representation after 25 members of the 67-strong governing council demanded a meeting over “undemocratic” plans to change the RICS’ constitution.

The CIC was set up to provide a single voice and we should be supporting it


An online petition, “Keeping democratic accountability within RICS”, has been started and had 376 signatures as Building went to press.

The wrangle centres on proposals to reorganise the body’s regional boards so they are primarily made up of RICS staff, rather than elected members. It is hoped this would speed up decision making within the body and make it function “more like a business”.

Charles Fifield, former member of the governing council and director of consultant Fifield Glyn, launched the petition.