Rok Building in High Court dispute over non-payment issues on a London housing scheme

Steelwork company Littlehampton Welding is suing Rok Building for £450,000 in the High Court.

The dispute centres around construction work at Lingham Court in London’s Stockwell, a housing development which included homes for sale and social housing.

Littlehampton Welding accuses Rok of failing to pay for the fabrication, supply and erection of steelwork for the Lingham Court project after taking over the contract from the Forge Company.

Rok has argued that because Forge did not sign the contract there was no obligation on Rok to pay the balance of the contract final accounts, according to a High Court writ.

In May this year, Rok’s Mark Brown denied liability to pay, saying the agreements of 28 May 2004 were not signed by Forge, the writ says.

Sussex based Littlehampton Welding says that Award Consulting, who were appointed by Rok to agree the account, had sent a legal letter which mistakenly claimed only one agreement existed.

In December 2006 Littlehampton Welding obtained confirmation for Rod Peck, formerly of Rok, that all sides had signed and returned the documents to Rok, it is alleged.

Littlehampton also obtained a signed copy of both agreements from Forge’s director Stephen Adams, the writ says.

Now Littlehampton Welding is suing Rok for payment of £454,717.94 and interest continuing at £66.55 a day.