Foam tapes manufacturer Iso-Chemie has introduced a sealing tape aimed at the timber-frame housing market

Iso-Bloco T-Max is designed for multistorey timber-frame structures where it compensates for the large amount of differential movement – up to 36mm – that can occur between the internal timber wall and roofs and the external brick or block work.

Incorporating fire-resistant properties and slow expansion, it can be used as a perimeter seal for windows, particularly at heads, sills and under the roof eaves for both weather and airtightness, while remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – similar to a flexible breathable style material for the building facade.

The self-adhesive T-Max tape can be used to seal larger joints. It can accommodate a temperature range of -30°C to +90°C and is impermeable to driving rain, claims the company.

The tape can be over-painted with emulsion, and some acrylic, paints and complies with the relevant UK Building Regulations, as well as DIN EN standards, covering thermal conductivity, dimension tolerance, impermeamability to driving rain.

Iso Chemie