Gradient (London) seeks payment for refurbishment job on Sheik Salah Al Naghi's home in Marlow

Building and project management company Gradient (London) is headed for a High Court showdown in a £334,000 dispute.

The company is suing Sheikh Salah Al Naghi, also known as Saleh Yousif Naghi, over construction work carried out at his home at Templars in Bisham Road, Marlow.

Gradient started work on the scheme to refurbish and redecorate the property in May 2007 after the previous contractor stopped work, according to a High Court writ.

Gradient says it agreed it would be paid on a cost plus basis, with the sheikh reimbursing it for the gross costs under the Construction Industry Scheme, as well as profits of between 15% and 20%.

The company carried out work between May and August 2007 until the sheikh’s agent Himma Luqman told the company, without any reason, to stop work and not to return to the property, it is claimed.

Gradient tried to arrange meetings to agree the final account but was unable to do so, and says that although the sheikh had made interim payments of £286,765.10, there was a dispute over what percentage the company was to receive, with Gradient seeking 15% and the sheikh offering 6.5%, the writ says.

The sheikh has wrongfully failed to pay £334,683.83 which remains outstanding, the writ claims. Now the company is suing for the money, as well as interest, and seeking damages for repudiatory breach of agreement.