Construction Union UCATT has teamed up with the DTI and a management consultant to try to deliver better training for construction site supervisors.
The scheme, called "Project Build", is aimed at junior management. Part of the government's Partnerships for Innovation training programme, the project is being piloted on 10 construction sites throughout the South-east.

The initiative will consist of site-based training and will include seminar programmes and the production of pocket-sized training manuals. The training will focus on four specific areas:

  • Lessening the impact of construction sites on the local environment.
  • Boosting managers' leadership skills.
  • Resolving friction and reducing annoyance to neighbours at sites.
  • Improving health and safety training.

Project manager Uly Ma from management consultancy Greenfile Developments said the project was being piloted in preparation for a roll-out in the summer.

He said the scheme was a joint venture and was receiving funding from Greenfile and the government.

n Rod McDonald, the new chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers, said this week that there were too many diverse training initiatives being run in the engineering and construction industry.

He said: "We need to co-ordinate or bring together the multitude of initiatives and to ensure that the message is both right and put across in the right way."