Subway being built for the 2008 Olympics collapses and buries construction workers

Hopes are fading for six construction workers feared dead in a subway tunnel collapse in Beijing.

The 15-mile subway line is being built for the 2008 Olympics.

Beijing News quoted one worker as saying: “There is both concrete and earth above the workers so the chances of survival are almost zero.”

Another worker, given the pseudonym Huang Qiang by the Chinese media, described the events as they unfolded: “Suddenly I heard a big bang noise and workers ahead of us swarmed backwards.”

Following the bang, Huang said he and his colleagues re-entered the tunnel after several minutes, with the intension of shoring up the collapsed area. But shortly before 10am, he heard another bang, which shook the tunnel “like a big earthquake”, prompting another escape attempt.

The incident is the latest in a number of cave-ins and floods that have hit the 15-mile line, which is being built for the 2008 Olympics.

Rescuers are continuing to dig through the rubble.