ConstructionSkills and Housing Forum initiative aims to get 4000 local people on construction training schemes

ConstructionSkills and the Housing Forum have announced an initiative to ensure local people benefit from the training and employment opportunities offered by the Olympics.

Olympic Park
Construction Legacy - London aims bring employment benefits to locals

The scheme, Construction Legacy - London has engaged local trainees on 24 social housing projects covering refurbishment, new build and regeneration. The scheme focuses in particular on candidates who are often under-represented in the construction industry such as ethnic minorities and women.

Around 180 clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are involved in the initiative which will result in the training of around 4000 local people. They include housing associations, colleges, training agencies, contractors and their supply chain partners working in the Olympic Borough areas and their catchments.

Paul Sykes, recruitment manager at ConstructionSkills said: “The real Olympic legacy should be the people of London, particularly the people from the Olympic and surrounding Boroughs."

"I’m confident this joint initiative will provide opportunities for local, often disadvantaged people, to access training, starter jobs and tools required to become qualified.”