Subscribe to Woobius’ award winning collaboration software by July 16 and take advantage of a special offer

Building has teamed up with Woobius to offer an exclusive deal on its award winning collaboration software.

Designed by architects for the construction industry, Woobius enables designers and engineers to share project files at lightning speed across the web.

Anybody with a web browser can access the files and a full audit trail tracks. It’s simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

As an introductory offer Building is offering 50% extra storage and 50% more projects on three Woobius subscription plans.

Subscribers to the most popular Woobius ‘Plus’ plan will be able to collaborate on 15 projects every month instead of ten, and upload 15Gb of files rather than ten.

Word of mouth recommendations have already seen Woobius gain 7500 registered users across 1500 projects in 80 countries. To find out more visit our Woobius microsite here.

The special introductory offer closes on July 16th. Enterprise plans are not included in the offer.