If club wins bid it will redevelop most of stadium specifically for football

Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium architect said that the club would demolish the Olympic stadium if it won the bid to take it over after the 2012 games.

David Keirle said that most of the structure would be replaced, as it was not suitable for football, with most of the seats being too far away from the pitch.

He said: “It’s not entirely demolition. We will be using some of the undercroft (cellar) but we’re not using much.”

Tottenham are up against north London rivals West Ham United to take over the stadium after the Games.

The Olympic Park Legacy Committee will recommend which club should take on the stadium by January 28, which will then be ratified by the mayor of London and the government.

Keirle said that it would be simpler and cheaper to redevelop the Olympic stadium than remodel Tottenham’s existing ground at White Hart Lane.