Elements of the historic Spoke pottery will be retained in mixed-use scheme

Regeneration specialist Modus has formed a joint venture with Stoke Vision to redevelop the Spode pottery in Stoke.

The mixed-use scheme will feature community facilities, leisure, housing and retail spaces.

Stoke Vision says that Spode may also continue to run some operations from the site of the redevelopment. It promised that public access to elements of the “Spode heritage” would be improved including the 80-year old Spoke museum.

Stoke Vision’s Jody White said: “We are delighted to have a partner of the quality and reputation of Modus whose track record in successfully delivering urban regeneration projects is second-to-none”.

“The key to regeneration is recognising the requirements of the scheme and matching resources to get the job done. As a development partner, Modus brings huge resources and reputation to the project.”

The development will create up to 500 jobs.

Stoke Vision is the company behind the £120 million plan to regenerate central Stoke.