Next up to dance are Building's Muireann Bolger and Neil Stanley, marketing director of Trident. Score them now!

Last week, we invited prominent construction personalities to dust off their sequins and go head-to-head in a frenzied Latin dance-a-thon. Incredibly, some of them accepted.

To judge the twinkle factor of their toes, we lined up a distinguished panel, including Simon Lister, one time world number 33 in Latin American dance and, previously, the teacher of our lucky couples. Joining him were Graham Watts, leading dance critic and Construction Industry Council chief executive, and Michael Willoughby, Building magazine's sustainability reporter, who goes to the ballet every now and then and is very good at criticising things.

Duly, they came to their considered opinion, a winner was declared and accolades were presented ... all will be revealed in next Friday's magazine and online. In the meantime, we invite you to cast your votes out of six and see if you come to the same conclusions.

PS Sid from Beckenham has called in to find out why Dan and Sophie appeared to be so off the beat while apparently dancing to some sort of rhythm. Well spotted, Sid!

In fact, the music you can hear the first clip was added later to avoid copyright infringement. Unfortunately, all couples will suffer this indignity, so don't hold that against. Focus on their clothes, instead.

Vote for couple two!