UCATT says disgruntled workers could down tools if a single pay structure is not implemented

The construction of the 2012 Olympics could be hit by strikes and industrial disputes if the ODA does not implement a uniform pay structure, the UCATT has warned.

Olympic Stadium

The construction union said the delivery of the Games’ venues would be vulnerable to wildcat strikes because disgruntled workers on low pay were likely to down tools or search for better pay with other contractors.

UCATT said that delays at Wembley and the Scottish Parliament were in part caused by differences in pay. It said that the single pay rate at Terminal 5 helped the smooth delivery of the scheme.

Alan Ritchie, the Ucatt general secretary, told The Times: “I fear the ODA’s refusal to agree to common site rate is a recipe for industrial disharmony, delays and cost overruns. It is not too late for these problems to be revisited and resolved.”

A spokesperson for the ODA told the newspaper it had an outline agreement with the unions. “We have agreed a positive partnership with construction unions under a Memorandum of Agreement, which includes contractors recognising existing construction and allied Industries Nationals Working Rule Agreements and Pay rates.”