Over 600 architectural talks, installations and events celebrating the city's urban past, present and future

British Library Pavillion

The London Festival of Architecture kicks off tomorrow with over 600 talks, walks, installations and events throughout the capital city to celebrate its urban past, present and future.

Here are our top pick of the highlights of the student event:

Richard Roger an exhibition

20 June - 20 July, Design Museum, Shad Thames, SE1 2YD
Exhibition of work by architect Richard Rogers.

For more information visit Richard Rogers exhibition.

Student Festival: Architectural Association - Riverside Walk

27 June - 30 July, Riverside Walk, 2a More London Riverside, SE1 2DB

ecoMachines – collection LFA08.03 - “the riverside walk experiment”: ecoMachines are new architectural prototypes promoting systemic interaction between Londoners and their urban environment. Developed by AAINTER10 students, ecoMachines expose and amplify urban ecologic, energetic and climatic rhythms, facilitating direct exchange and promoting long term integration. The exhibition/experiment will feature 3 ecoMachines operating live in front of the London GLA for 1 month. Visitors will be free to interact and be part of the event: the resulting evolutionary processes will be recorded and, at the end of the month, relayed on time lapse video.

For more information visit ecoMachines INTER10.

Student Festival: Central Saint Martin's-Whitfield Gardens

20 June - 20 July, Whitfield Gardens , W1T 7LQ

The site at Whitfield Gardens explores how we are all mirrors to each other's behaviour pattern, through projected images of people.

For more information visit Student Festival: Central Saint Martin's-Whitfield Gardens.

Student Festival: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

-Tower Bridge Plaza 20 June - 20 July, Tower Bridge Plaza

Installation created by second year students from the EPFL in Lausanne investigating a changing structure conditioned by the tides on the river Thames.

For more information visit Student Festival: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne-Tower Bridge Plaza.

Student Festival: London Metropolitan University

Hoxton Square 20 June - 20 July, Hoxton Square

constructed spectacles this years studio observations were be translated your into a physical animation. Students investigated the notion of architectural space as a field of events and sequences. Studio 4 was involved in this real project which will be displayed in Hoxton square.

For more information visit London Metropolitan University -Hoxton Square.

Student Festival: UCL-Main Quadrangle

20 June - 20 July

A deployable external insulation (DEI) demonstration pavilion will be situated in the UCL Main Quadrangle for the duration of the Bartlett End of Year Show.

For more information visit UCL-Main Quadrangle.