Zenex Technologies has used its Coolflue technology to develop a domestic hot water system that, it says, can save households more than 50% of their domestic hot water costs and double the flow rate of hot water.

The Zenex Super Efficient System uses a standard 32kW combi-boiler but has flue gas heat recovery and a storage cylinder that can boost the hot water flow rate over selected periods – enough to deliver up to 20 litres a minute for 10 minutes, Zenex says. The system has a regeneration time of six minutes and for high-flow-rate hot water delivery, the boiler is activated by the standard twin channel time clock configuration or manual override.

The system is supplied as a complete kit, including 32kW gas combi boiler, Zenex GasSaver, Zenex hot water storage cylinder and additional components ready for installation to a standard pipework system.

Zenex Technologies


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