This year¹s award goes to a true leader who has influened everything from housing bills to Abu Dhabi¹s plan for a zero-carbon city

Winner: Pooran Desai, BioRegional Quintain

Pooran Desai has been at the forefront of the sustainability march for fourteen years. The co-founder of the BioRegional Development Group has really left his mark on the sector ­ he coined the term ³One Planet Living² and was one of the key figures behind the pioneering development BedZed. His momentum shows no signs of dissipating. In 2003, he chaired a government advisory group, whose work directly influenced the Housing Bill and paved the way for energy performance certificates. More recent work includes the sustainability action plan for Masdar City, Abu Dhabi¹s zero-carbon city, and various green residential schemes in the UK. He also practices what he preaches ­ his sports car runs on waste cooking oil.