Download our exclusive slideshow from acclaimed eco-architect Bill Dunster. This comprehensive presentation runs through the pioneering work Dunster has already completed as well as his vision for the way we will need to approach the built environment in the future.

Bill Dunster designed the UK’s most iconic eco-housing scheme, BedZed, at the turn of the century which pioneered the use of renewable technologies and passive design techniques to eliminate the need for fossil fuels to power the houses.

In this new presentation, entitled ‘Building the Micro-Generation’, Dunster argues passionately for a revolution in both the way we design and construct buildings but in the way we create new communities and live day to day to meet the future climate change crisis. He proposes ZEDquarter, a new urban district where the inhabitants can live in a zero waste, zero carbon society and look forward “to a future without guilt or despair”.

Dunster also runs through the techniques he uses in designing zerocarbon housing and other building types, the growing global energy crisis and particular project that he and his firm, Zedfactory ( are working on.

Note This download allows you to resize the slides as well as searching across the presentation under particular words or phrases.

This was based on a presentation presented by Dunster at the Think ( event in May 2007.

Reproduced by kind permission of Bill Dunster.

The presentation

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