There were truths spoken in jest, pleas for help and even a climate change denier chatting...

... on the Sustainability Now lounge chat board yesterday.

If you weren’t there, here a few pearls you would have missed.

  • Mark Harris: Carbon is the new religion. Nitrous Oxide is 300 times more dangerous than carbon but its not being talked about by governments.
  • Eleanor Short: I'm all in favour of shooting people that don't agree with me but unfortunately it's illegal.
  • Brad Bamfield: There is nothing essentially wrong with using finite resources. What would happen to them if we did not use them?
  • Mark Rummings: I think that a measured approach is required to sustainability. It is important but the current problem is that the approach with codes over and above the building regs is making development harder to procure.
  • Jules Saunderson, Fulcrum Consulting: the importance of the rest of the BE is surely the ability to get a solid baseload, and load balancing and peak saving, therefore, we need holistic policies.
  • Colm Quinn: It is easier to encourage with large landlords such as Land Securites/Savills etc than 15 Million individual private householders, so in a way offices should be easier to get to grips with [than housing.]
  • Jonathon Moreels: Many clients don't understand what BREEAM is, we had a PQQ yesterday for a project tender asking for our experience in BREAMY Excellence!

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