World Green Building Council report finds “overwhelming evidence” good design influences employees


Office buildings designed to highly sustainable standards are linked to improved staff productivity, a report has said.

The World Green Building Council (WGBC) report, published today, reviewed existing evidence on building design and productivity and concluded there was “overwhelming evidence” that office design impacted on the productivity of staff.

The WGBC report - sponsored by consultant Jones Lang LaSalle and contractors Lend Lease and Skanska - found that air quality, levels of daylight and views of nature all had an effect on staff’s well-being and performance.

It said many of these design elements were often found in green buildings.

The report said: “In many cases there does seem to be a virtuous circle of good design that works for both people and planet.

“However, it is far too simplistic - and potentially damaging - to suggest that low carbon and resource efficient buildings are automatically healthier and more productive for occupants.”

Jane Henley, WGBC chief executive, said there was a  “clear business case for investing in […] healthier, greener buildings”.

She added: “Most businesses are already sitting on a treasure trove of information that may yield immediate improvement strategies for their two biggest expenses - people and buildings.
“Understanding the relationship between the two can help businesses achieve significant competitive advantage.”