Contractors claim they are still facing tax difficulties with the Construction Industry Scheme as the final deadline for compliance arrived today.

One London subcontractor said that his company was still without sufficient CIS25 vouchers despite repeated requests for additional ones.

The vouchers must be sent to the Revenue by subcontractors whenever a payment is made to them by a client or a main contractor.

A director of the firm said: “The Revenue needs to sort this out; I’m sick of all the running around having to explain to companies that the Revenue isn’t doing its job. It makes us look like cowboys.”

Liz Bridge, head of taxation at the Construction Confederation, said the Revenue should set up a dedicated phone line to deal with the voucher problem, but added that she did not anticipate any other problems with the scheme.

“I don’t think we will all be screaming at each other come the next big payment date on 12 November,” she said.

However, she added: “One established builder hasn’t got a CIS5 card yet and he made his application back in January.”